Pocket-sized and legal anti-aggression chilli pepper spray – Personal self-defence spray against aggression for women

Unique anti-aggression pepper spray O.C. produced in Italy, definitively recognized and regulated with Decree no. 103/2011 of the Ministry of the Interior in agreement with the Ministry of Health.
This product has significant advantages over the competition:
– A “heavier” mixture that allows rapid decontamination of the surrounding area, also avoiding consequences from improper use,
– Safety packaging and dispenser are our exclusive models patented by UIBM (Italian Patent and Trademark Office) of the Ministry of Economic Development.
– Does not contain gases, aggressive or chemical components.
– Mixture free from flammable, corrosive, toxic, carcinogenic or aggressive chemical substances.
– Exceptional effectiveness: over 2 million SHU certified in the laboratory.
– Net content 16 ml (European Standard FEA 215-E).
– Complies with the Consumer Code.
– 99.5% pure aluminum cylinder, tested according to European Standard FEA 215-E for 12 bar pressure.
– Useful range: max 3 meters according to law