FOVAL GEL COCKROACHES is a ready-to-use insecticide effective against different types of cockroaches (nymphs and adults).
FOVAL GEL SCARAFAGGI is applied with a precision dosing gun (syringe) with which the product is supplied and is easy to use.
Thanks to its palatability and attractive power, it offers maximum effectiveness in controlling cockroaches.
The product can be used for the disinfestation of homes, cinemas, schools, hospitals, barracks, bars, restaurants, hotels, campsites, trains, ships, planes, warehouses, industries and food laboratories.
Method of use: Carry out localized treatments using the dosing gun (syringe) in sites frequented by cockroaches, places of passage, hot and humid places (near sinks, water pipes, behind the motors of electrical equipment such as refrigerators, computers, recorders, electrical control units), behind kitchens, furniture, ovens, places where waste accumulates, and wherever the nesting of cockroaches is foreseeable.
Dosage: from 1 to 6 drops per square meter. A drop of 0.04 g. equates to a diameter of approximately 4 mm.
Cockroaches die within hours of ingesting the gel.
Since cockroaches have the habit of passing food around, feeding on corpses and excrement belonging to their own species, in this way they transmit the insecticide within the cockroach population, creating a chain effect that prolongs the activity of the cockroaches. product and makes it very effective.
In normal conditions FOVAL GEL COCKROACHES has a duration of action of approximately 3 months.
In the presence of heavy infestations, it is advisable to repeat the treatment after 1-2 weeks.
Composition: Pure Imidacloprid (24.5 g/l)