Neoperl® aerators
Aerators shape the flow of water and are integrated into the taps in bathrooms, kitchens and shower cubicles. These are important components that we use every day and that, if equipped with a specific technological solution, allow the regulation of the flow with consequent savings of water and energy.
All our products, should they be disassembled and replaced, can be considered “undifferentiated waste” and placed in the appropriate areas. No special disposal treatments are required

Water saving products
We all need water to live. With water and energy saving products, Neoperl promotes the responsible use of drinking water as a precious resource. Used in sinks, showers and kitchens, NEOPERL products reduce water consumption without compromising comfort.

An ecological choice
By purchasing this product you help protect the environment. Support the conscious and economic management of natural resources. The installation of eco-friendly devices and the prevention of water waste at home is a good step towards caring for our planet.